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Wild Huts

These tiny houses are for a simplified way of living. 

Less space, less stuff, less energy consumed. 

Built off-site and transported to any location. They are for the city or the beach.

An option for densification of our cities, these tiny homes provide for intergenerational needs, granny-flat, teenager or parent retreat.  They are for working-from-home or for boutique accommodation.

They are also for the remote escape.

A simple but dynamic form is achieved within the dimensional constraints of transportation. 

A rectangular plan with a diagonal gable makes for unexpectedly playful exterior where all four elevations vary. Entries and windows taper into the form, making shadows and oblique views.

A small footprint with a lofty interior, these tiny homes are both intimate and spacious.

Monochromatic interior colour and materiality adds drama to what is typically a generic building typology.

Designed for two friends, starting a business together, Wild Huts are built in Tasmania.

Thanks to CUUB Studio for visualisations.

Wild Huts are available here 

Wild Huts


Bek Joins 2020 Dulux Study Tour

Congratulations to Bek for being selected to join this year’s Dulux Study Tour.  Bek is pumped that she’ll spend May touring famous buildings and prestigious architecture practices in Tokyo, Berlin and Madrid.  To find out more about the study tour and to follow Bek’s travels, click here.

2020 Dulux Study Tour Winners

2020 Dulux Study Tour participants from L-R: Tahnee Sullivan, Keith Westbrook, Bek Verrier, Sam McQueeney, Ksenia Totoeva