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Cosgrove High School ‘A Block’ 

This project is designed to foster school spirit at Cosgrove High School by bringing together students and staff scattered across the large site into one building.

At the heart of the project is the creation of a central hub for learning and socialising. The original double-loaded corridor is removed so that new classrooms can open both into the shared central area and the corridor.  This will offer flexibility for teaching and improve flow through the building.  A new kitchen will allow the shared space to be used for the school’s breakfast club and community events, and new toilets will be accessible from both inside and out.   Staff offices are located around the perimeter of the building to encourage students to take ownership of the central space.

The memory of the original building lives on through the re-introduction of the old faceted roof profile in the openings that have been cut to create the central space.

Cosgrove High School Learning Hub Cosgrove High School Learning Hub 2