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Dover District School Year 11/12 Redevelopment

2022 Tasmanian Architecture Awards Commendation for Educational Architecture

Dover, located 81 km south of Hobart, is Australia’s most southern town.

The redevelopment of the Dover School campus to accommodate a new year 11 and 12 facility helps remove barriers to education for this remote community with a population of 486.

The school’s original 1950s hall was extended and linked to a new building that overlooks the town and port, connecting students to the dramatic landscape and their community.

The contemporary teaching space now caters for the school’s primary and secondary students, as well as adult learners and community events.

The new building continues the school’s existing gable and skillion roofs, with the folding roof planes outlining the three teaching spaces within.

Carbon-neutral Tasmanian red bricks were selected to be in keeping with the existing material palette and from a desire to use local materials.

Photos by Adam Gibson

Generous classroom with large view overlooking the school grounds and Dover beyond

Main entry and breakout space