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Fahan Masterplan

Bence Mulcahy is undertaking a masterplan for Fahan School to guide their building program.

Fahan, a girls’ school with students from kindergarten to year 12, is situated on a leafy and historic campus in Sandy Bay and enjoys beautiful views of the River Derwent. 

In response to our consultation with students, and the school’s commitment to put the outdoors at the heart of education, our campus planning prioritises the landscape setting and ‘long view’ to the river.

A new terraced landscape “green heart” in the centre of the campus connects the whole school and is a place for gathering, outdoor learning and active play. New buildings capture the ‘long view’, and alterations to existing teaching spaces provide breakout spaces and connections to the outdoors. 

Deep consultation with students was a highlight of our work with Fahan. The high value of the gardens came through universally to become the focus of the masterplan. 

Images by Bence Mulcahy and Fahan School

Physical model of Fahan School Campus by Bence Mulcahy

Consultation workshop with primary school students Sophie and Bek in one of the many consultation workshops with the students Consultation workshop with senior girls