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Hampden Road House

Fusiliers Cottage in Battery Point was built in the 1840s for Angus McLeod, a Scottish musician and soldier.  McLeod taught music from his home and also made it the headquarters for his Quadrille Band, which entertained crowds of Hobartians.

Like McLeod, its new owners wish to combine business and family under the one roof.  The project involves repairing the existing cottage, creating office/retail space, visitor accomodation, and designing a new extension for the family’s living area.

The bluestone and sandstone cottage is full of Georgian charm, and its generous garden which opens to the street makes it a popular local landmark. The extension supports these unique characteristics: the new building is set within the garden, is smaller in scale than the cottage, has a flat roof, and is positioned so that views of the cottage from Hamden Road and Waterloo Crescent are protected.

The facade of the new extension is designed to give the family opportunities both to remain private and to open their home to bustling Battery Point.  Glass doors and timber screens can be used in various combinations to change how the cottage interacts with the street and garden.

The use of finely detailed Tasmanian timbers and a sensitive colour palette will compliment the Fusilier Cottage’s original bluestone.

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Evening timber screens closed

Evening timber screens open

Fusilier Cottage and new extension

Living Room open to garden and Hampden Road

New and old

Tas Oak cabinetry

Tas Oak wall interior wall linings

Timber privacy screens from within

Kitchen Tas Oak and brass

Hampden Road Model