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Ryde Street House

Ryde Street House is an addition to a workers’ cottage in North Hobart and is a fine-drawn example of urban densification.

After living in the house for 15 years, with a growing family, the owners’ choice was to adapt or move. 

The brief was for a larger living area, additional bedroom, bathroom and connection to the garden.

The cottage was extended to create a new two-storey addition which fits under the existing roof-line with minimal impact on its neighbours.

Moving through the house, the front two bedrooms remain untouched. A new landing serves the bathroom and connects up and down. Upstairs, a library, study, ensuite and bedroom is accommodated in the roof space and downstairs, the living, kitchen and dining opens directly to the garden.

Voids connect upper and lower levels bringing in light and making playful connections.

The red colour palette plays homage to the dominant colour of Hobart’s inner city suburbs.

This project is an example of social sustainability and enables the family to continue to live and grow in the community they love. 


2020 Tasmanian Architecture Awards The Barry McNeill Award for Sustainable Architecture

2020 Tasmanian Architecture Awards Award for Residential Architecture Houses Alterations and Additions

2020 Houses Awards Commendation House Alteration and Addition Under 200 square metres

Photos by Adam Gibson

House at night screen open
Living room and garden
Living and kitchen
living below, library above
Bookshelves with skylight
Bedroom joinery
House with screen closed
Exterior with bedroom shutters open