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Wild Huts

These tiny houses are for a simplified way of living. 

Less space, less stuff, less energy consumed. 

Built off-site and transported to any location. They are for the city or the beach.

An option for densification of our cities, these tiny homes provide for intergenerational needs, granny-flat, teenager or parent retreat.  They are for working-from-home or for boutique accommodation.

They are also for the remote escape.

A simple but dynamic form is achieved within the dimensional constraints of transportation. 

A rectangular plan with a diagonal gable makes for unexpectedly playful exterior where all four elevations vary. Entries and windows taper into the form, making shadows and oblique views.

A small footprint with a lofty interior, these tiny homes are both intimate and spacious.

Monochromatic interior colour and materiality adds drama to what is typically a generic building typology.

Designed for two friends, starting a business together, Wild Huts are built in Tasmania.

Thanks to CUUB Studio for visualisations.

Wild Huts are available here 

Wild Huts